About the blog

Hi and thanks for joining me … so I guess as you are here you either have an interest in sociology, gymnastics or both!

I am a self confessed ‘gymnerd’ who has dabbled in sociology and written a number of papers about gymnastics through a sociological lens. I hope to gain a better understanding of how society shapes peoples lived experiences especially within the subcultures of sport and more specifically gymnastics. I have a deeply rooted love for the sport of gymnastics yet have seen many issues relating to the culture and unquestioned acceptance of historical ideologies.

My sociological interest was first piqued after reading Joan Ryan’s ‘Little Girls in Pretty Boxes’ which prompted me to question the so called truths of elite training regimens, I believe there must be better methods to achieve at the top level than many coaches and governing body’s currently adopt.

I welcome constructive discussion and can only hope that the recent emergence of the catastrophic failings on the parts of USAG and USOC toward safe practice and athlete welfare are finally beginning to pave the way for change. Our athletes deserve this.

If you enjoy thinking outside the box then this is the place for you.